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Imagine a paradise in India where only thing you feel the waves and the winds of an Ocean and the scenic beauty of a Lake. It is the one and only Ayurveda Yoga retreat center in India stands in between The Ocean and The Lake.

Ayuryoga academy offers you diverse vistas of the Arabian Sea, facing the incredibly beautiful beach, where one could swim, sunbathe or just long around and in the east side explores the Kawai Lake. No crowds, no bustle, no noise, no pollution instead calm quietness, gentleness, tranquility prevail. No rooms for the pressure of overcrowded streets.We are ready to welcome you to a comfortable place where you can experience the traditional Ayurveda /Panchakarma and various Yogic practices including meditation, Mantra, Agnihotra etc.

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“Ayuryoga is a bouquet of the basic principles of ayurveda and yoga philosophies to form an individualized holistic wellness in combination with nature and a traditional way of ancient Indian culture.